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Our foods are prepared with love & passion. Some of cuisines are grandma's secret recipe and some are inspired new taste.


豆蔻豆腐 | Nutmeg Tofu

豆蔻、辣椒干、豆腐、肉碎和蛋,甜辣的新鲜口味。 Nutmeg, Dried Chili, Tofu, Pork Mince and Egg, sweet & spicy taste.

鸿运当头 | Chinese Herbs Bayam

当归和枸杞炒幸菜,浓浓的药材香味。 Chinese herbs Danggui and Woftberry stir fry with Bayam.

苦瓜焖排骨 | Bitter Melon Pork Ribs

蒜头、姜和苦瓜,强烈的姜蒜味道,除了排骨之外也加入了一些三层肉。 Garlic, Ginger and Bitter Melon, Pork Ribs and Pork Belly.

清炒今日时蔬 | Stir Fry Today Fresh Vegetables

不定时有椰菜花、芥蓝菜、奶白菜、油麦菜、 小白菜、菜心、乌龟豆等等。 Randomly today fresh vegetables, Broccoli, Gai Lan, Milk Pak-Choi, You Mak, Chinese White...

山楂大虾 | Chinese Hawthorn Prawn

酸中带有一点辣,山楂的酸味搭配上虾的鲜甜。 Sour with a little bit spicy.

咖喱鱼头 | Curry Fish

咖喱鱼头/鱼肉 番茄、羊角豆、洋葱、鱼头/鱼肉。 Curry Fish Head/Fish Meat Tomatoes,Lady Finger, Onion, Fish Head/Fish Meat.

招牌猪脚 | Signature Pork Leg

南乳与豆酱完美烹调出来的松软美味猪脚。 Fermented bean curd & fermented soyabean braise with pork leg.

鸳鸯双味鱼 | YuanYang Two Taste Fish

一面煎另一面蒸,再淋上酱油、芫荽和葱。 One side of fish is fried and another side is steam, serve with soy...

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A heritage house, vintage and cosy place in Georgetown, Penang.

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茶水鄉 Tea Home Cafe
茶水鄉 Tea Home Cafe

茶水鄉 Tea Home Cafe
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Tuesday-Saturday : 11:30am ~ 9.30pm
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茶水鄉文化藝術館 Tea Home Trading
茶水鄉文化藝術館 Tea Home Trading (Wholesales & Retail)

茶水鄉文化藝術館 Tea Home Trading (Wholesales & Retail only)
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